2024 Bailey-Charteris; The Hydrocene
2024 Magan; Where is the Preserving Shrine?
2022 Pinsent: Imbás: a well at the bottom of the sea
2022 rīvus a glossary of water
2022 Lacroix; Circles of resonance
2020 Melick; Living annotations
2016 McInnes; Erewhon
2019 Wallin; Revisiting colour problems
2016 Lorange; Alien intimacy or radiant peel
2016 Lorange; Painting and poetry
2016 Tubbs; Vortices and abstractions
2015 Kale; Searching for meaning
2015 Melick; Sit on me, said the rock, and I'll speak
2014 Melick; A speculative dictionary
2009 Jancic; In the manner of excess