Eidothea: Immortal Clones of the Perlite Deposits & Hollow-Bearer
in the Fauvette Loureiro Travelling Art Scholarship Finalists Exhibition
Sydney College of the Arts Gallery
2/10 - 14/11 2020
Photography by Jessica Maurer

Eidothea: Immortal Clones of the Perlite Deposits (Nightcap) is part of a wider body of work I have recently begun developing that advocates listening to our forests as living entities. Forests are bodies that transmit and receive. Ecologists are experts in listening to these bodies, collating knowledge and transmitting it back to human communities but their personal voices are not always heard. Michael Taussig has noted (in his book I SWEAR I SAW THIS: DRAWINGS IN FIELDWORK NOTEBOOKS, NAMELY MY OWN) that it is often the scrawls in the margins of the notebooks and, by my own extension, the casual verbal asides that enrich the story in ways that pure data cannot. In Eidothea: Immortal Clones of the Perlite Deposits (Nightcap) I have collated a variety of voices mixing scientific conversation with casual asides and notes.
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