Remedial Works at PICA, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

November 10 – December 24, 2017
Curated by Andrew Varano
Artists are Sophie Cassar, Clare Milledge, Shana Moulton, Pakui Hardware, Jess Tan, Anicka Yi
Installation photography by Dan Bourke for PICA
Performance photography by Jacqueline Ball
Performers May Greenberg, Yilin Kong, Clare Milledge

Reviews and Features

Exhibition Catalogue

“The lights drop and the curtains fall back. It’s in a black-box theatre, crouching at the centre of a white chalk labyrinth drawn on the floor. A faceless, hybrid being: a wasp, or maybe an orchid. The audience watches in silence as two cloaked figures circle inwards, back and forth, towards it in a slow, ceremonial dance. They make complex songs as they draw nearer to the centre of the maze. As the age-old moment of communion approaches, the organism rises to its feet and extends two long and menacing antennae. As these whips crack, the two lovers retreat and the ritual air is shattered, passing through the human screen to become pure energy: a genie just liberated from a bottle; a great whale gliding through a sea of euphoria.”
Reilly, Ned. “Vegesingularity”. Art + Australia 54.2, no. 3: 11. 2018
p.58 Review of Strigiformes: Binocular: Binaural at PICA 2017.