Artists: Katja Aglert, Amosphère, Méryll Ampe, Félicia Atkinson, Andrés Avila Reyes, Antoine Bertin, Black Power Naps, Danilo Correale, Debris Facility Pty Ldt., Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch, Rosie Isaac & Aodhan Madden, Farah Khelil, Blanche Lafuente, Sonia Leber and David Chesworth, Violaine Lochu, Clare Milledge, Alexander Powers, Geoff Robinson, Johanna Rocard, Alona Rodeh, Zoe Scoglio, Tom Smith & Jon Watts, Masi Tiitta & Anna Torkkel, Philipp Timischl, Evita Vasiljeva, Joon Yoo.

Curator: Anabelle Lacroix
Assistant Curator: Andréanne Béguin

Freedom of Sleep is an interdisciplinary exhibition that explores the desynchronisation between our bodies and society, through a rich program including a listening and performance space, a conference and an editorial platform.
The project aims to explore the night time, and insomnia, as a form of dissent, slow transformation, awakening and action. In a society that blinds us by continuous 24 hours work, this exhibition reflects upon the desynchronisation of the body through our norms and ideas of productivity, efficiency, attention, distraction, vigilance and free time, as well as inertia, and movements of rising and collapsing.
This exhibition aims to flip insomnia around by reinvesting in the night and its activities, and reconsidering the porosity between our bodies, rhythms and societies through art practices that emphasises listening whether visual, sonic or performative.