green face group is Clare Milledge and Morten Milledge-Grayburn. 
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poetry reading 27 May 2023

On the final day of the exhibition "lfp mottled and green: looking for a cleric sib", readings from the artist and friends, at the inaugural lfp closer-readers event.
Participants: Green Face Group (Clare Milledge and Morten Milledge-Grayburn), Tom Melick, Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Rachel Schenberg, and Snack Syndicate (Andrew Brooks and Astrid Lorange).
lfp close-readers is an irregular reading gathering for juvenile and mature animals who like to read and listen in art environments.
Saturday 27 May 2023
STATION | Sydney
Suite 201, 20 Bayswater Road
Potts Point 2011 
20 sec, poem written and read by Green Face Group (Clare Milledge and Morten Milledge-Grayburn)
Dispatch, poem written by and read by Snack Syndicate (Andrew Brooks and Astrid Lorange)
Excerpts from The Descent of Alette written by Alice Notley, read by Rachel Schenberg
The Heavenly Creatures of Fra Angelico, written by Antonio Tabucchi, read by Tom Melick
Cyberfeminism is a Song, song written and recorded by Anna Kinblom, played and accompanied by Bronwyn Bailey Charteris and gallery guests

Bronze incense holder by green face group