art as fieldwork: hot spell on the way
atlas constellation
bifurcated acéphalian vision
calyx wane
cave art: retarded transcendence
chrysos sextile
copulatory vigilance
cosmic downloads: institutional agility
dacelo moons: dichétal di chennaib
diptera trine
eidothea elixir
eidothea: immortal clones of the perlite deposits
eithliu: glas gabhann
elatha and ériu
gamal mac figail & camald mac ríaghaild 
golden descent in the artists' house
gothic ananas (video)
hierarchies of form
horse blanket
human progression and other modernist myths
human rights (thanks moondog and martin skauen)
i am a breaker: threatening doom
i am a hawk: above the cliff
i am a hill: where poets walk
i am a lure: from paradise
i am a stag: of seven tines
i am a tear: the sun lets fall
i am a wind: on a deep lake
i am a wizard: who but i sets the cool head aflame with smoke?
i am a wonder: among flowers
i am the blaze: on every hill
i am the queen: of every hive
i am the shield: for every head
i am the womb: of every holt
i love you, generator
imbás forosna 
leuca quincunx
little shrike-thrush calling in the gully: in praise of shadows
lord owl
lunar declension
maximalist ritualist
mejor que en brazos
mental implosion
metsän henget (heritage)
moon drawing down
motivated reasoning: strategic, tactical, operational
novgorod's bolus
omnipotent straw head with entoptic hair
philistine incense burner
police camp: passive recreation area
psychomagic: dead matters
reputable sources
rice ambient liquid lens soap
sacks of wind: a rock harder than rock
self-reflexive critique: iota
skara thynge: travelling stock reserves
smog toast
spermum waxing
stations direct
straight forward fenestration
strigiformes: binocular, binaural
sublime solar anus
syzygy conjunct
teinm laeda 
the bright future of a headless lettuce
the jayapura room 
the last empire
the last visible dog
the solar academic horse
the swamp age
thelychiton ascendant
theoretical headspeople
theoretical regressions: a warm sheen against received ideas
this black door has no owner
three shouts on a hill
thurifers cloak
ton sur ton
unresolved pineapple
war memorial (vic)
what does it all mean?
wheel and piston